What is Loop Studio?


What is Loop Studio? 

Loop Studio is here to provide you bold and edgy clothes that are sustainable and empower you with brand theme of “Dress Well for Yourself and the World”

”Loop” stands for the circulation of making used clothes or dead stock fabrics connect to the next chapter by up-cycling them.


What do we want to contribute to?

Let’s take a look at the average clothes-making and retailing process in Japan. CO2 emissions are equivalent to the ones’ necessary to produce 255 plastic bottles and it consumes enough water to fill 12 bathtubs. Modern ways of production and shopping have widely participated in the acceleration of climate change and the scarcity of essential resources on our planet. In a time where environmental issues are only multiplying, Loop Studio will focus on producing sustainable clothing through the up-cycling of already existing clothes, creating a new chapter for them and diminishing the waste while limiting the energy consumption in the process


Where Are the Garments from? 

All the products are up cycled in Kyoto,Japan. 。

Through pattern making to sewing the garment, we do each process by hand. It takes more time than the usual process, but all the products are surely made with love. 。


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